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January 19, 2024

Preparing Your Home for the Arrival of a New Grandchild

The addition of a new grandchild to your family is an exciting time, and as a new grandparent, you want to make sure your house is safe, comfortable, and well-prepared for the new arrival.  Whether you are expecting your first grandchild or your fifth, there are important steps you can take to make sure your home is ready for their arrival.

In this blog post, we will discuss essential items you should have at your house before your grandchild comes to visit.

Grandparents, parents and their kids hanging around the kitchen island.

Baby Proofing

As your grandchild grows, they will become more curious and adventurous. So, baby proofing your home is essential to keep them safe. Begin by covering electrical outlets, securing cabinets, and ensuring that bookshelves and TVs are mounted securely. You can also invest in a baby gate to prevent your grandchild from accessing stairs or other areas of the house. Baby proofing items can be found at most baby supply stores or online.

It’s also important to check for potential hazards in your home, such as loose wires or cords, sharp edges, and small objects that could pose a choking hazard. It may be helpful to get down on the floor and look at things from your grandchild’s perspective to identify any potential dangers. For some help on baby proofing, check out our guide to baby proofing the house.

Baby Gear Essentials

When your new grandchild arrives, you will need to have essential baby gear, including somewhere for them to sleep, an area to change them, and a high chair. You can buy these items for your home or borrow them from friends or family members to save money. Additionally, you will need to have a car seat to transport your grandchild safely.

If the idea of purchasing or borrowing all the necessary baby gear seems overwhelming, consider using BabyQuip. This innovative service offers a wide range of baby gear for rent, including cribs, high chairs, car seats, and much more. BabyQuip thoroughly inspects and cleans all items between rentals, ensuring that your grandchild will have safe, comfortable, and hygienic items during their visit. With a user-friendly website and delivery services, BabyQuip makes it easy and convenient to secure baby gear, whether you need it for a few days or several months. It’s an excellent solution for grandparents preparing their homes for the arrival of a new grandchild.

Comfort Items

Baby in a crib wrapped with a swaddle blanket

Ensuring your grandchild’s comfort is just as crucial as maintaining their safety. Among the comfort items you should consider having on hand are crib sheets, swaddles, and blankets.

Crib sheets are important for creating a soft and inviting sleep environment. Choose ones that are made from gentle, hypoallergenic materials to ensure that your grandchild’s sensitive skin is well protected. Having a few extra crib sheets on hand is also a good idea, as babies often need frequent changes.

Swaddles are another comfort item that can make a huge difference. These work by recreating the snug and secure feeling that babies experienced in the womb, thereby helping them sleep better. Just ensure that you are using them safely and have learned the correct swaddling technique.

Lastly, blankets can provide warmth and comfort to your grandchild. However, it’s important to remember that blankets should not be placed in the crib with babies under one year of age to prevent any risk of suffocation. Instead, they can be used during supervised awake time, for example, during cuddles or tummy time.

Learning and Exploration Items

Baby with a pacifier laying down on a activity play mat

Having toys and books at your house will keep your grandchild entertained and help them develop new skills. Look for age-appropriate toys and books that promote learning and exploration. Consider investing in classic toys such as blocks, puzzles, and art supplies. These types of toys encourage creativity and imagination, which are essential for a child’s development.

Playmats and activity mats are noteworthy additions to your grandparent toolkit, offering both entertainment and developmental benefits for your grandchild. These mats are usually colorful, padded surfaces that provide a safe and comfortable space for babies and toddlers to play, learn, and explore. Many come with built-in toys, mirrors, or music, which can help stimulate your grandchild’s senses and encourage them to reach, roll, and eventually, crawl.

Books are also an excellent choice as they promote literacy skills and can be enjoyed at any age. Stock up on books with bright colors, textures, and interactive features to engage your grandchild’s senses. You can also consider purchasing some books that you loved reading to your children when they were young, creating a special connection and tradition between generations.

Mealtime Essentials

Baby putting food in her mouth in her high chair

Mealtime with a grandchild can be chaotic, so having the right equipment and supplies on hand will make things easier. You will need bibs, feeding spoons, sippy cups, and baby food or formula. It is also a good idea to have a few easy-to-make meals, snacks, and beverages available. This will allow you to focus on spending time with your grandchild instead of worrying about meal preparation.

Additionally, consider any dietary restrictions or allergies your grandchild may have and be sure to stock up on appropriate foods and drinks. If in doubt, always consult the parents beforehand for guidance and recommendations.

First Aid

Accidents happen, so having a first aid kit on hand is vital. Stock your kit with essentials such as band-aids, antiseptic, and a thermometer. Additionally, you should have the number for your pediatrician and nearest hospital handy. It’s also important to know how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver in case of emergencies. You can enroll in a local first aid or CPR class to ensure you are prepared for any potential scenarios.

As a grandparent, it’s essential to make your home a safe and comfortable place for your grandchild. By having the right baby gear, comfort items, learning and exploration tools, mealtime essentials, and first aid supplies on hand, you can ensure that your grand parenting experience is enjoyable and stress-free. And most importantly, enjoy every moment with your new little bundle of joy!  So, don’t forget to make special memories and take lots of pictures to cherish for years to come.