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Collections to Reflect your Personal Style
Each artisan collection is hand-curated to bring personality, warmth, and style to your nursery

The Avery Collection enchants with a playful vintage cottage inspired design, featuring adorable bunnies, soft linen textures, and calming neutral tones. This organic cotton collection ensures your baby’s comfort while evoking the serenity of nature. Discover crib sheets, swaddle blankets, change pad covers, and more, adorned with delightful bunnies and charming patterns. Elevate your nursery with the Avery Collection and create a tranquil haven that inspires dreams of playful adventures.

Unearth a blissful nursery experience

The Willow Collection celebrates the beauty of nature with earthy tones and natural elements. Featuring textures and neutral colors, this collection is sure to inspire an appreciation of the outdoors, and a connection to the wonders of nature.

Explore decorative macrame wall decor, bohemian print bedding, and detailed leaf ceiling hangings to create a soothing nursery space for your little one. Let your child explore the magical world of nature with a peaceful and tranquil safe space.

Adventure awaits for sunset explorers

The Kendi Collection captures the warmth of the Sahara, the sprawling Serengeti, and the exhilaration of wildlife adventures. Gorgeous and comforting hand-carved wood or plush animal busts. Playful safari patterns featuring giraffes, elephants, and lions. Warm, earth-tone palettes.

The perfect collection for your fearless little adventurer.

Blooming blossoms greet the morning sun

Soft emeralds and pleasant velvets weave floral, tie-dye, and leaf print designs together in the beautiful Parker Collection. Welcome the new day with handcrafted nursery décor like the whimsical butterfly mobile, striking flower shelf, or hand-stitched and lovely Parker wool rug.

Baby blankets, crib sheets, and décor as precious as your new bundle of joy.

A grasslands day of play along the river

Inspired by the natural curiosity and joyfulness of childhood, the Ezra Collection invokes a sense of play and mischief. Baby blankets and nursery décor feature rich earthen hues of amber, river blue, and copper. And Frankie Fox and his forest friends punctuate these stylish yet soft handmade designs.

For a full day of fun and play or a soothing nap in the afternoon sun.

The cool breeze of the moonlit sea

Shades of indigo and ivory bring to mind the calming lap of waves and sea breeze in the Caspian Collection. Hand-designed hangings and artisan carvings add a charming nautical touch. The tranquility and peace of the ocean hues make this collection a favorite for lulling newborns off to dreamland.

Sweet dreams little one.

Designed with the modern nursery in mind

The Kaleidoscope Collection offers a variety of nursery essentials in soft and bright hues creating an atmosphere perfect for your little one’s room. The pastel tones are timelessly chic, while vibrant colors will provide a playful touch to any space. Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, these colors can be mixed or paired easily with our other themed nursery collections. With delicate textures and beautiful colors, you can create a space that is uniquely yours.