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November 13, 2023

Preparing for Baby’s First Winter: Cold Weather Essentials and Tips

Winter has arrived, and if you’re a new mom or expecting a baby soon, you may be exploring ways to navigate your first winter with your little one. With the change in seasons comes adjustments in routines and baby care practices. It’s not just about dressing your baby appropriately for the temperature changes; it’s also about preparing your baby for winter and ensuring you have all the necessary winter essentials. Check out these helpful tips on how to make the most of winter with your baby!

Baby on a blanket in a basket

Dress Your Baby in Layers

One key rule of winter dressing is the importance of layering. Dressing your baby in layers ensures that they are warm enough outside, and not overheating inside. Start with a warm base layer made of cotton or a soft material, which will keep moisture away from your baby’s body. Next, add a cozy mid-layer like a cardigan or a sweater made of wool or fleece. The final layer should be a warm coat or jacket to keep out any wind or snow. A non-slip hat, mittens, and booties are important accessories to keep your baby warm and protected. Safety tip: Don’t use mittens with strings attached, as they can be a choking hazard. Opt for ones with elastic cuffs instead.

Keep the House Cozy

Before your baby’s first winter, check your home for any cold air leaks or drafts. Make sure that the windows are well-insulated and the doors have weather stripping to keep out any unwanted drafts. Investing in a good-quality electric heater or space heater can also be useful in keeping the room at a steady, warm temperature. But make sure to follow all manufacturer safety guidelines when using any heating devices around your baby.

Mom filling up a humidifier next to her sitting baby

Use a Humidifier for Balanced Indoor Air

Maintaining a balanced indoor climate is crucial, especially during winter, and a humidifier plays a key role in achieving this. Indoor heating systems, while being a necessity in the cold months, can strip the air of its natural moisture leading to a dry environment. This dryness can cause discomfort such as dry skin, chapped lips, and nasal irritation for everyone in the house, especially a baby. A humidifier adds necessary moisture into the air creating a comfortable living space. Plus, in case your baby gets sick, a humidifier can help alleviate congestion and cough by keeping the respiratory tract moist. Remember to clean the humidifier regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is safe and effective.

Baby with a wearable blanket next to a plush toy

Ensuring Safe and Warm Nights

At night, it’s crucial to ensure your baby is warm and safe. Traditional blankets can pose a hazard for young babies as they can accidentally be pulled over their faces, leading to suffocation risks. Instead, consider using a wearable blanket. This type of blanket is designed to be worn over your baby’s sleepwear, providing warmth without the potential danger of loose blankets. It’s sleeveless to prevent overheating and has a zip-up feature that makes diaper changes easier during the night. Many of these wearable blankets come in a variety of fabrics, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for the winter temperatures.

When selecting a wearable blanket for your baby, you’ll come across a term called ‘TOG rating’. TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and it measures the warmth of a blanket – the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the blanket. Always check on your baby regularly to ensure they are at a comfortable temperature.

Two babies next to each other

Keep Warm for the Car Ride

Traveling with a baby during winter requires special considerations to ensure their comfort and safety. While it’s important to keep your baby warm, remember that bulky coats or snowsuits should not be worn by your baby in the car seat. This can create too much space between the harness and your baby, making the car seat less effective in a crash. Instead, dress your baby in thin layers and a light jacket or sweater. After buckling the baby in, cover the car seat with a blanket for added warmth. Be sure to remove the blanket and any excess clothing once you’re indoors to avoid overheating. Consider getting a car seat cover that’s specifically designed for cold weather to help keep your baby warm during car rides, but make sure it doesn’t interfere with the harness system of the car seat.

Preparing for your baby’s first winter can be an exciting and memorable season with the right information and preparations. The key is to ensure your baby is comfortable, warm, and safe both inside and outside the house. From dressing your baby in layers to maintaining warm and balanced indoor air using a humidifier, there are various ways to ensure your baby’s comfort during the colder months. Remember, each baby is unique and might react differently to the cold, so it’s important to observe your child’s reactions and adjust accordingly. Enjoy this beautiful phase of parenthood and embrace the joy of your baby’s first winter!

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