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July 10, 2023

Mix and Match with The Kaleidoscope Collection’s Modern Basics

Adding a theme to your nursery is the best way to create a warm and cohesive environment for your little one. We have a variety of themes to choose, from the tranquil seas to blooming bouquets to the soothing forest. In this blog, we will dive into our Kaleidoscope Collection, and find the right products for every Crane Baby collection.

What is Kaleidoscope? 

Our Kaleidoscope collection is filled with products in plenty of shades and patterns, amazing to fit right into any theme you decide for your baby. It is filled with blankets, sheets, swaddles, and more in a wide range of colors from bright to pastel. No matter what your nursery’s theme is, Kaleidoscope can add to it!

Where Caspian Meets Kaleidoscope:

Our beautiful Caspian Collection is filled with a palette of blue hues and patterns from the ocean. Experience the lapsing waves of the Caspian Collection with our Indigo Caspian Crib Fitted Sheet or Whale Caspian Quilted Playmat. Kaleidoscope’s Luxe Blankets and 6-Layer Muslin Blankets come in a variety of blues and grays that will perfectly compliment your nautical theme! 

Enhance Ezra with Kaleidoscope

The Ezra Collection takes you and your little one on a journey to the calming meadow with our wide selection of forest-inspired nursery decor! Experience Ezra with our Sunshine Decorative Pillow and our Ezra Woodland Fitted Crib Sheet. Expand on these gentle woodland hues with Kaleidoscope’s Starlight Luxe Blanket or Natural Boho FringeCrib Skirt

Kaleidoscope Complements Kendi:

Take your little adventurer to the Saraha! The Kendi Collection combines warm oranges, yellows, and browns with explorative patterns and animal decor. Experience Kendi with our Lion, Elephant, and Giraffe Wall Decor or Desert Sunset Activity Mat. Kaleidoscope has many carefully made items to match the theme like our Marigold Chevron Luxe Blanket. And since you can never have enough crib sheets, explore the Kaleidoscope Fitted Crib Sheets in Ochre and Copper.

See Parker Bloom with Kaleidoscope:

From pink petals to blossoming bouquets, the Parker Collection is your stop for all things floral. Our Parker Quilted Blanket and Wool Rug are a great place to start to turn your little one’s nursery into a tranquil garden. Incorporate Kaleidoscope into this theme with the Dusty Rose Luxe Blanket or Desert Rose Crib Sheet to take it to the next level. 

Watch Willow Grow with Kaleidoscope:

Meet Willow, our newest collection of earth tones and natural patterns. Willow is filled with soft leaves and bohemian influence. Look out for the Willow Dainty Leaf Fitted Crib Sheet or Willow Mirror Macrame Wall Hangings. Kaleidoscope has the perfect selection of items to fit right into your earthy room, like the Fern 6-Layer Muslin Blanket or the Hazelwood Luxe Blanket


The Kaleidoscope Collection is the perfect finishing touch for any nursery theme, incorporating colors and patterns that can be mix-and-matched to get the exact feel you are searching for. Shop Kaleidoscope now to take your little one’s nursery to the next level!