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May 20, 2023

First Step in Designing a Nursery: How to Build a Mood Board

Designing a nursery can be an exciting but overwhelming task for new parents. That’s why creating a mood board is an essential first step in the design process. A mood board allows you to visually organize your ideas, explore different styles and ultimately create a cohesive and inviting space for your little one. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of building a mood board and offer tips for incorporating decor, supplies and health items that can enhance your nursery’s style and functionality. So grab a cup of tea, get inspired and let’s get started on designing a beautiful and functional nursery for your little bundle of joy!

Getting Started

When designing a nursery, there are several items that you absolutely need. So, you’ll want to consider these items first, as you start to design your nursery. You’ll need to plan for these items accordingly:

Crib: A safe and comfortable crib is a must-have for any nursery.

Changing table: A dedicated space for changing diapers and dressing your baby is essential.

Rocker or glider: A comfortable chair for feeding, reading and bonding with your baby is needed.

Dresser: A dresser provides storage for clothing, blankets and other essentials.

Lighting: Adequate lighting is a necessity for nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

Choosing a color scheme is another important consideration. The colors you choose can impact the room’s mood and create a calming and peaceful environment for your baby. Soft pastels, muted neutrals and soothing shades of blue and green are popular choices for nurseries.

Determining your style preferences and creating a vision for the nursery is also an essential step. You can gather inspiration from magazines, websites and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Consider your personal style, your home’s decor and your baby’s gender when creating a vision for the nursery.

Creating a Mood Board

So, what is a mood board? Well, it’s a visual tool that helps you organize your ideas and create a cohesive design plan. It can be a collection of images, colors, textures and patterns that represent your vision for the nursery. Here are the steps to creating a mood board:

Select Images: Choose images that represent your vision for the nursery. You can gather inspiration from magazines, websites or create your own images. Consider colors, textures, patterns and themes that you want to incorporate into the room.

  • Choose Colors: Select a color palette that aligns with your vision for the nursery. Consider using shades of the same color or a mix of complementary colors.
  • Add Textures: Incorporate different textures into your mood board, such as plush fabrics, wood or metal accents. Textures add depth and dimension to the design.
  • Organize and Arrange: Arrange your images, colors and textures in a way that creates a visually appealing and cohesive design. You can use online tools such as Canva or physical materials like a bulletin or poster board.

Incorporating Decor and Supplies

Decorating your nursery is an exciting opportunity to infuse your personal style into your baby’s living space. When selecting decor and supplies, consider items that complement your mood board and overall design scheme. Here are some tips for incorporating different types of decor and supplies to make your nursery cozy and functional.

The bedding you choose can have a big impact on the overall feel and design of your nursery. Choose bedding that compliments your color scheme and adds texture and pattern to the room. Consider mixing and matching patterns or adding a pop of color with a nursery throw pillow or baby blanket. Don’t forget to choose bedding that is comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep on.

Plush toys are a must-have in any nursery. They add a whimsical and playful touch to the room and provide comfort and security for your little one. Select plush toys that match your theme and add a cozy and playful touch to the nursery. Choose toys made from soft materials that are easy to clean and safe for your baby to play with.

Wall decor is an excellent way to add interest to your nursery and create a focal point in the room. Incorporate artwork, decals or a statement piece that adds personality and dimension to the space. Choose nursery wall decor that compliments your color scheme and ties in with your overall design. Consider creating a gallery wall with different-sized frames and artwork or using a large, eye-catching piece of art as a statement piece.

When it comes to your baby’s health, you want to choose products that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Choose health items like humidifiers or air purifiers that are not only functional but also fit in with your nursery’s decor. Look for products that are designed specifically for nurseries and have safety features like automatic shut-off.

By incorporating these items into your nursery, you can create a unique space that is both functional and beautiful. Remember to choose items that complement your mood board and overall design scheme, and have fun infusing your personal style into your baby’s living space.

Bringing It All Together

Using your mood board as a guide when shopping for nursery items and making design decisions is important. So, start by creating a cohesive look. You can do this by using your mood board to ensure that all the elements of the nursery work together harmoniously. Then, you’ll want to mix and match a bit using patterns and textures. This is a great way to make a unique and personalized look for your nursery. Lastly, make adjustments. As you shop for items and start to bring your vision to life, you may need to make adjustments as you go.

Designing a nursery is an exciting and personal process that requires careful consideration and planning. Creating a mood board is a great step in bringing your vision to life and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. Remember to consider essential items like the crib, changing table and lighting as well as the importance of choosing a color scheme that sets the mood for the room.

Incorporating decor and supplies that complement your design scheme are also crucial. Using your mood board as a guide when shopping and making design decisions will ensure that your nursery reflects your personal style and vision. Have fun, be creative in the process and remember that there is no right or wrong way to design a nursery. 

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a cozy and comfortable space for your little one to grow and thrive in. As you shop for items and look for inspiration, check out We carry a wide range of items, including everything from crib sheets to plush toys to humidifiers.