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Magdalena Nicholson

Magdalena “Magda” is a founder of Cradle & Crescent the Newborn Care and Pediatric Sleep Consulting company. She educates parents on what is normal during the newborn phase and provides evidence based information so parents can make fully informed decisions. She also helps parents understand and navigate the crazy world of kids’ sleep. From routines, sleep needs, and wake windows to graduate changes, personal approaches, and customized plans.

For Magda, everything began with a passion and love for children. From becoming a big sister at the age of 13 years old, volunteering in a nonprofit organization focused on organizing after-school activities for kids as a teenager, and then becoming an Au Pair in her early adulthood. Magda grew and so did her passion. Choosing to be a nanny as a professional career set the trajectory for the future. From there she was one step away from discovering the Newborn Care Specialist career. This was the thing Magda was striving to be. Helping parents, making the 4th trimester easier, and taking care of newborns was everything that she was dreaming of. All in one job – helping, supporting, caring.

Working night shifts with newborns helped Magda understand how important sleep is for every member of the family. From the baby so they are able to grow and develop to parents so they can focus and take care of the family. That is when she became a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.
Magda isn’t planning to stop growing. She is already pursuing additional training to be able to support parents in more areas during these life changing events.

Cradle & Crescent is constantly growing, improving, and evolving. They offer personalized sleep plans, phone consultation, monthly support, webinars, free content, and more.

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