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April 27, 2024

Designing Harmony: Crafting a Gender-Neutral Nursery with Crane Baby’s Versatile Collections

Creating a nurturing and loving environment for your little one begins with the design of their first space—their nursery. Crane Baby understands the importance of crafting a room that feels comfortable, secure, and free from traditional gender stereotypes. That’s why our nursery collections are specifically designed to create gender-neutral spaces that convey warmth and harmony. In this post, we’ll guide you through designing a tranquil gender-neutral nursery using Crane Baby’s versatile collections and share practical design tips to bring your vision to life.

Safari themed baby nursery with crib and glider in corner

Features of Crane Baby’s Gender-Neutral Collections

Crane Baby’s collections are the epitome of flexibility and inclusivity, featuring neutral themes that are perfect for any nursery, regardless of gender. Here’s what makes them ideal:

  • Kendi Safari Theme: Adventure beckons with the Kendi safari collection, boasting a palette of soft earth tones and gentle wildlife motifs. From playful lion pillows and rugs to majestic elephant and giraffe decor, your little explorer will love being surrounded by these comforting creatures. A perfect choice for a safari-inspired gender-neutral nursery, or incorporate pieces from the Kendi collection for other neutral themes like a jungle nursery, carnival theme, or other animal and bohemian themes.
  • Ezra Woodland Theme: Immerse your nursery in the peacefulness of the forest with the Ezra woodland collection’s enchanted tree and animal designs. This serene collection features calming shades of blue and gray, perfect for creating a gender-neutral forest dreamland. Adorn walls with Ezra’s charming woodland print wallpaper or sprinkle in subtle accents with Ezra’s plush toys, decor, and bedding. Perfect for woodland themes like the great outdoors, forest and mountain themes, and more.
  • Willow Nature Theme: The Willow nature theme offers a refreshing aesthetic with its botanical prints and natural hues. This collection incorporates a variety of leaf and plant motifs, making it suitable for any nursery. Whether you prefer a woodland or tropical theme, the Willow collection has everything you need to create an inviting gender-neutral space. Create the perfect nature themed nursery, mix and match with other collections, or create something unique like a boho Moroccan nursery.
  • Avery Bunny Theme: Delightful and serene, the Avery bunny collection brings a touch of whimsy with its subtle rabbit illustrations and vintage patterns. With its soft pastel color palette and charming accents like bedding, swaddles, bibs and more, this collection is perfect for creating a gender-neutral nursery with a touch of nostalgia. Mix and match Avery collection to create a bunny themed nursery, vintage cottage theme, or even incorporate into a theme like Peter rabbit.
  • Kaleidoscope Collection: For those who value simplicity, the Kaleidoscope collection offers nursery basics in solid and adaptable colors. With its clean lines and understated design, this collection allows you to easily pair it with any other nursery collections or add your own unique touches. Choose from classic shades like evergreen, moonstone, and ochre, and more to create a gender-neutral canvas for your dream nursery.

Corner of a nursery with crib, plant and baby bouncer

Mix & Match Ability

Each collection features various pieces that can be combined in numerous ways for a custom-designed look. Mix and match different collections to create unique themes like an animal safari themed woodland nursery or add creative touches to your gender-neutral nursery. The possibilities are endless, and our collections are designed with versatility in mind.

Design Tips for Your Gender-Neutral Nursery

Designing the perfect nursery requires patience, creativity, and a little ingenuity. Here are several tips to ensure that your nursery is a gender-neutral haven for your baby:

Start with a Neutral Color Scheme or Theme

Neutral tones such as creams, grays, and beiges offer a timeless foundation for your nursery design. From the Kaleidoscope collection’s solid basics to the more intricately patterned Ezra and Kendi themes, Crane Baby provides a wealth of options for setting this serene baseline.

White crib against a pink polka dot wall

Get Multifunctional Nursery Furniture

Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes and transitions as your child grows. A crib that converts to a toddler bed or a changing table with removable trays can adapt to your child’s needs over time.

Incorporate Texture & Patterns

Adding texture and patterns brings depth and interest to your nursery design. Crane Baby’s collections offer plenty of options for incorporating these elements into your gender-neutral space. Think cozy throw blankets, knit pillows, embroidered blankets, and more.

Diaper changing table against a wall with safari animals wallpaper

Focus on One Area of the Nursery at a Time

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the entire room, concentrate on designing one section at a time. Perhaps begin with the sleeping area, selecting pieces from the Willow nature-themed collection for a calming bedtime ambiance.  Then, move on to the play area, adding fun elements from the Avery bunny or Ezra woodland collections. This approach will help you create a cohesive and balanced design.

Make Eco-Friendly Choices Where Applicable

Sustainability matters, even in nursery design. The Avery Collection and other Crane Baby collections feature items made with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring your design choices are also ethical ones.

Stuffed animal and pillow with baby birth details on a crib

Add Personalized Touches

Customize the space with monogrammed blankets, a hand-painted mural, or a display of baby’s first keepsakes. These touches make the nursery distinctly theirs.

Keep Their Safety and Comfort in Mind

Above all, ensure that every product and piece of furniture meets safety standards and is comfortable for your baby. Plush bedding from any of Crane Baby’s collections, which are as cozy as they are beautiful, will help your baby slumber safely and soundly.

Crane Baby’s collections combine functionality with a soothing aesthetic to create harmonious gender-neutral nurseries. With a variety of themes, mix and match ability, and design tips, Crane Baby makes it easy to create the perfect space for your little one.

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