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April 21, 2023

Decorative Accessories to Keep the Nursery Organized

As a new parent, one of the most exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, tasks is preparing the nursery for your little one’s arrival. Creating a comfortable and safe space where your baby can rest and play is important, but you also need to make sure it stays organized. Organization in a nursery needs to be easy to use and functional.


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With all the clothes, toys, and baby gear, it’s easy for a nursery to become cluttered and chaotic. That’s why choosing the right decorative accessories is key to keeping the nursery tidy while adding style and personality to the space. So, let’s explore some of the best decorative accessories for keeping your nursery organized, including wall hooks, blanket ladders, storage bins, and floating shelves.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a practical and stylish solution for keeping a baby’s nursery organized. With wall hooks, you can hang items like baby bibs, clothes, hats, and even toys, freeing up valuable floor and drawer space. Plus, wall hooks can be an easy way to add a pop of color or personality to your nursery decor.

three muslin blankets hanging on wooden wall hooks

There are several types of wall hooks to consider for your baby’s nursery. For example, adhesive wall hooks are perfect for when you’re renting a home or apartment and are hesitant to put holes in your walls.

Mounted hooks are ideal when you want a more permanent solution. You can choose from several different hook material types, such as wood, metal, and plastic, depending on your aesthetic preferences or what compliments your nursery.

In addition to being functional, wall hooks can also be a stylish addition to your nursery decor. You can find hooks in various shapes and designs, from animal-shaped hooks to decorative knobs. You can also choose hooks that complement your existing nursery decor, such as matching the colors or materials of the hooks to the furniture or bedding.

Consider the weight capacity and size of the hooks, as well. You don’t want to overload a hook with too much weight or have it stick out too far from the wall, creating a safety hazard. You also might want to make sure the hooks are far up high enough on the wall that your baby won’t be able to access them or bump into the hooks.

Blanket Ladders

Blanket ladders can be another practical addition for keeping your baby’s nursery organized while adding a touch of style. With a blanket ladder, you can easily display and access your baby’s swaddles, blankets, and crib quilts while also keeping them off the floor and out of the way. It also offers a measure of safety since no blankets, swaddles, or quilts should be left in your baby’s crib.

Blanket ladders come in various sizes, materials, and styles, making it easy to find one to suit your nursery’s aesthetic and theme. Wooden ladders with a natural finish offer a rustic and cozy feel, while painted or metallic ladders can add a pop of color or shine to your space.

baby blankets displayed on a wooden ladder as decor

When selecting a blanket ladder for your nursery, consider the weight capacity of each rung as well as the ladder. You want to make sure it’s stable and secure, and that it can hold the weight of your blankets without tipping over. You might even consider securing it to the wall so that as your baby grows, they can’t pull the ladder over.

Not only do blanket ladders provide a practical solution for storage, but they also add visual interest to your nursery decor. You can style your ladder with a mix of different blankets and textures to create a cozy and inviting feel. Additionally, you can hang other items on the ladder, such as towels or clothing, to maximize its use.

Storage Bins

Nursery storage bins are one of the most popular ways to keep a baby’s nursery organized and clutter-free. With storage bins, you can easily store and access your baby’s toys, clothes, and other essentials, while also keeping the loose items out of sight.

baby nursery with a storage bin, plant, crib and blanket over side of the crib

When selecting storage bins for your nursery, you’ll want to consider the size, material, and style of each bin. Fabric bins are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a great option for adding a pop of color or texture to your nursery decor. You may find that durability and ease of cleaning are important and because of this, plastic bins are ideal for storing items that may get messy, such as diapers or wipes. You might want to keep plastic bins stowed in a closet or under a bed since they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing, and can cause safety issues.

To maximize the use of your storage bins, consider labeling them or using different colors or patterns to designate specific items. This can make it easier to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

In addition to being practical, storage bins can also be a stylish addition to your nursery decor. You can choose bins that complement your existing decor, such as matching the colors or patterns to your bedding or curtains. Additionally, you can use bins as a way to add visual interest to your space, such as incorporating bins with unique shapes or designs.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great option for adding both storage and style to your baby’s nursery. These shelves are mounted directly onto the wall, creating a sleek and modern look while maximizing your storage space.

Floating shelves are a versatile option for storage in your nursery, and they can hold a variety of items, including books, plush toys, and decor items. You can also use them to display your baby’s artwork or photos, to add a personal touch to the room. Just make sure to consider the weight capacity so that shelves don’t get overloaded and fall.


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You can choose shelves that match your existing decor by adding some paint or wood finish, and you can add visual interest to your nursery by incorporating different shapes or sizes of shelves. One of our customer favorites is our flower shelf which makes it a piece of artwork while also allowing you to display small items.

flower wall shelf for baby nursery with vases displayed

Keeping a baby’s nursery organized can be a challenge, but the right decorative accessories can make all the difference. From wall hooks and blanket ladders to storage bins and floating shelves, there are countless options available to help you maximize your storage space while adding style to your nursery. As you shop for baby accessories and decorative storage, be sure to take a look at our collections.